In the 80s

Crammed Bookshop

Doesn’t the photo look great! A book lover’s delight, a treasure-trove of books.

It reminds me of the tiny bookshop tucked away in the corner of Padstow harbour, my favourite Cornish fishing village in the UK. The sweetest of elderly ladies ran the bookshop in the 1980’s (I was a young girl then though, so they could have only been in their 30’s!) and we often used to lose my Dad among the books, which were packed from floor to ceiling in tall, wavering columns with exciting titles facing out. My sister and I dared each other to take a book from the bottom of the pile…

I always headed for the children’s adventure books; Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, her adventure series with Kiki the parrot (sounds more like a stripper!) and Malcolm Saville’s Lone Pine series – a long-standing favourite of mine, set in Devon, Rye, London, and Shropshire.

Taking a pile of books back to our caravan (trailer) for my holiday reads became a tradition, even an obsession, and I still recall the thrill of finding the last book in the series, or a second-hand book hidden within the rickety shelves of that wonderful bookshop. If I close my eyes and recall the memories, I can still smell the dusty aroma of aging books, still feel the excitement of discovering a hidden gem among the abundance of titles, and still see the diffused lights, dimmed by the sea of books closing in on me from above. If they had come crashing down on me I would have lay there beneath them in sheer bliss!

Padstow Harbour Bookshop Corner padstow-736152_640

Padstow harbour looking towards the old bookshop

I may have been a child, but little did those elderly ladies know, as they placed my purchases in their pretty paper bags and took the money from my eager little hands, that they were serving a future thriller author, whose leap from Blyton to Stephen King, James Patterson, and Karin Slaughter would come sooner rather than later. Back then, my mind was already taking note of all those thriller and horror book covers, storing them up for inspiration for my kidnap thriller, Captor Captive.

Padstow Harbour Towards House without Window padstow-2411057_640

The beautiful Padstow harbour


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L.J. Kane is the British author of Captor Captive, the shocking psychological suspense thriller (released in April 2017 as Snatch Girl). Captor Captive is not for the faint hearted!

Captor Captive is available on Amazon Logo for Websiteas an ebook and paperback.






Hello Everyone! I thought it would be great to include lots of photos depicting scenes from my ‘Captor Captive’ psychological suspense thriller novel, right here on my official blog! They include the sadistic villain Jon Braddon, and his enigmatic getaway driver, Darren Broderick. The photos are not in the book, so check them out below! Enjoy!

Apologies if you don’t like needles…or dark cellars…

0 Cellar Steps Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / tomas1111

1 Ellie Gun Photo 1 Handed Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / yacobchuk

2 Ellie Gun Photo hands down head up Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / yacobchuk

3 Ellie Gun Photo head level Braddons legs Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / yacobchuk

4 Ellie Unconcious Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / artem_furman

6 Braddon Close Up Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / jalephoto

7 Braddon Full Length Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / jalephoto

10 Night Drive Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / welcomia

11 Dark Woods Chapter 6 Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / PinkBadger

8 Darren Black Shirt Open Snatch GIrl © Can Stock Photo / curaphotography

9 Darren White Jersey Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / curaphotography

12 Syringe Photo Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / czoborraul

13 Phone Box On Dartmoor Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / ziggyzag

14 Pickup truck Snow Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / Artzzz

16 Snow on Dartmoor Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / ziggyzag

17 Rocky Tors Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / solarseven



For more on the kidnap victim Ellie, and her captors Jon Braddon and Darren Broderick, and to sample the first chapter of the book, including Author Q&A, check out my previous blog posts or head on over to my website at

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos depicting scenes from the story! Which part of the book did you like the best? Which did you find the most scary? I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment and I’ll check back here soon.

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L.J. Kane

L.J. Kane is the UK author of Captor Captive, the shocking psychological suspense thriller released in April 2017 as Snatch Girl. Captor Captive is not for the faint hearted!

Captor Captive is available on Amazon Logo for Websiteas an ebook and paperback.

Captor Captive Photo Gallery:


The Brutal and Sadistic Villain of Captor Captive – Jon Braddon

Hi Everyone!

So, the post I didn’t want to write. A post about the savage villain of Captor Captive, Jon Braddon, the guy who makes your skin crawl. If you’re going to be kidnapped, pray that it’s not by him…

Jon Braddon is a deviant, a serial killer in the making, at the very start of his killing career. A man devoid of love and feelings, other than his own depraved desires.

It took a lot out of me when writing Braddon’s scenes in Captor Captive. I had to delve into his thoughts to understand why a man could be so brutal, savage, and so cold. It was hard putting Ellie into his lair, as I kept wanting her to be OK, to run and escape, but the story had to evolve in its own way, at its own pace, so Ellie had to suffer. And did I feel guilty!

Braddon is a man of a failed military career. Heavily built, muscular, with camouflage combats, military boots, and a psychopathic stare, a man who’s background is as dark as his soul. He’s a drug addict, so far gone that his persona is skewed to the point of deranged, and Ellie’s desperation turns to horror when she’s snatched from his lair by Darren Broderick, Braddon’s own getaway driver, and Braddon hunts them down. Even Darren doesn’t know what’s about to happen.

Braddon’s obsession with knives, guns, and traps sets Ellie and Darren up for a terrifying ride, a man on the fringe of society hunting his own accomplice and the kidnap victim, with slaughter on his mind.

Can we blame his upbringing? His school life? Genetics? What turns a person into a psychopath – or are they born that way? Personally, I don’t want to delve much into his past, it was painful to bring him to life, and equally painful dragging poor Ellie through nightmare situation after situation but, surprisingly, the most horrible scenes were the easiest to write, they just flowed!

Can I write another psychological nightmare novel? No worries!


L.J. Kane is the author of Captor Captive, the shocking psychological suspense thriller (published in April 2017 as Snatch Girl).


Captor Captive Teaser Pics

Hello Everyone!

I thought it would be great to share a few ‘Captor Captive’ scenes straight from the story! You won’t find these in the book, but for more images, including the sadistic villain Jon Braddon, and his enigmatic getaway driver, Darren Broderick, check out the Captor Captive Photo Gallery on my author website, via the link below!

 Apologies in advance if you don’t like needles…

 Captor Captive Photo Gallery:


0 Cellar Steps Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / tomas1111


1 Ellie Gun Photo 1 Handed Snatch Girl © Can Stock Photo / yacobchuk


 For more on Ellie, and Darren Broderick, and to sample the first chapter of the book, including Author Q&A, check out my previous blog posts at

 I hope you’ve enjoyed a snap shot of the scenes from the story! Which part of the book did you like the best? Which did you find the most scary? I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment and I’ll check back here soon.

 All the best,

L.J. Kane



Darren Broderick – Hero or Villain of Captor Captive

Hi Everyone! I’m back with another Captor Captive character spotlight. Now that we’ve had an insight into Ellie’s life in my previous post, it’s time to meet the hero, or villain, of the kidnap thriller ‘Captor Captive’ – Darren Broderick. Enjoy!

Full Name: Darren James Broderick

Age: Late 20’s

Place of Birth: Perth, Western Australia

Father: James Broderick owns a car repair centre in Perth, Australia. He’s slightly dishonest when declaring his income and his favourite saying is, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” He wanted Darren to take over the business, but Darren took off instead.

Mother: Susan Broderick was a bank clerk until recently, when she was sacked for slipping a bit of cash into her handbag. She is currently in charge of her husband’s business accounts.

Siblings: Darren has an older brother, Jason, and a younger sister, Amanda, who is a model at a small modelling agency in Sydney.

Appearance: Darren is very attractive, with brown, collar-length hair and brown eyes. He is tall and athletic, and likes to work out. He’s often seen wearing his black leather biker jacket, and a pair of blue-black jeans.

Home: Darren resides in a studio apartment in Oxford, England, for now, until he gets kicked out for rent arrears. He has a beer fridge, and a bed, and that’s about it, unless you count his expensive car, and diver’s watch. He’s a regular visitor to the local pawn shop.

ducation: Darren attended veterinary college in Western Australia after leaving school, but dropped out of university after the first year. There appeared to be no end to his gap year…

Visa: Darren escaped to Britain with an ancestry visa after getting his best mate’s girlfriend pregnant. His story changes often, but this is the real reason, and don’t let him tell you otherwise!

Work: Darren has had a variety of jobs, both in Australia and in the UK. He drifts from one to another, never settling for long. No one seems able to pin him down.

Hobbies and Interests: Diving, rally driving, motorbikes, playing cricket, and gambling.

Friends: Darren has a group of Aussie mates who are all trying to get back home to Oz for a variety of reasons. His friend, Brett Hayes, is a property developer of undisclosed habits, who is looking to get rich quick before he returns to Australia for good.

Romances: Darren’s lost count of his romantic encounters and tends to brag, so it’s hard to obtain a true figure. Like his jobs, he doesn’t stay for long, and his friends are not expecting him to settle down anytime soon. He’s had his eye on one particular girl, but she’s holding him at bay – and who can blame her?

Worst Fears: None in particular. Darren doesn’t let on that he’s scared of anything!

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Darren. Do you think he’s a hero, or a villain? Is there anything else you’d love to know about Darren, if he’ll tell us? Which part of the book did you like the best? Which character was your favourite? Maybe you’d like to ask me about the writing process! I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment and I’ll check back here soon.

All the best,

L.J. Kane



All About Ellie – Captor Captive

Hi Everyone! Readers often love to know more about the characters they read about, I know I do, so I thought that I would start with the star of ‘Captor Captive’, Ellie, the kidnap victim we follow right through to the end. We have been at her side throughout her ordeal, so here’s a little more about her…


Full Name: Eleanor May Cunningham

Nickname: Ellie

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Salisbury, England, UK

Father: Rob Cunningham. He divorced Ellie’s mother years ago, and he is now living abroad with his new wife, Maria.

Mother: Emma Masterson (deceased). Emma married Ellie’s stepfather in the year following her divorce.

Stepfather: Doug Masterson, an entrepreneur and business tycoon. Doug has tried to help Ellie trace her father, Rob, to no avail. Doug treats Ellie like his own daughter, Charlotte.

Siblings: Ellie has an older stepsister, Charlotte Masterson, who has a young child, James, and a baby called Sebastian (known as Seb).

Appearance: Ellie has bright blue eyes, and pale blonde hair. She loves to maintain her tan, and enjoys having regular pamper sessions at her local beauty salon. Ellie’s quite particular about her appearance, and loves buying new clothes, and following the latest fashions.

Education: Ellie was studying journalism and media at college, and is now considering taking a gap year before starting university.

Work: Ellie works part time as a waitress in a quaint riverside café, and also helps out in a second-hand bookshop in town. She is still undecided about her career path, but feels that she has plenty of time to make up her mind.

Hobbies and Interests: Ellie loves reading thrillers and chick lit. She sings with a local band at weekends (much to her stepfather’s annoyance), plays tennis, and enjoys pony-trekking, and horse-riding with friends.

Friends: Ellie is part of a large group of college and university students who meet up in Ellie’s favourite coffee shop. Her best friend is Kirsty, who robbed Ellie of her boyfriend during their first year of college, and only redeemed herself this year. Kirsty is on borrowed time…

Romances: Ellie has been romantically involved with students of her own age, plus others that she doesn’t want to mention. Ellie is reluctant to share this information with anyone (if you’ve read ‘Snatch Girl’, you’ll know why!).

Worst Fears: Ellie is terrified of hypodermic needles. Just seeing one freaks her out. Going abroad is a nightmare for Ellie when there’s an inoculation involved.

Pets: Ellie owns a huge ginger cat called Jackson.


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Ellie’s background.

Is there’s anything else you’d love to know about Ellie? Which part of the book did you like the best? Which character was your favourite? Maybe you’d like to ask about the writing process! Leave me a comment and I’ll check back here soon.

All the best,

L.J. Kane





When people I meet find out that I’m an author, they often ask me about Captor Captive, and they love it when I hand them one of my promo postcards, with an image of the book cover on the front, and the blurb on the back! One of my readers suggested leaving a taster of the book on my blog, so I thought you might like to sample the very first chapter of Captor Captive, right here, along with the blurb!

Girl missing. What if you’re with her all the way to the end? Will Ellie survive? Would you? 

Snatched from her sadistic captor’s lair by his own getaway driver, eighteen-year-old student Ellie realises that she’s still kidnapped. As the enigmatic Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is not far behind.

Thrown together, on opposing sides, Darren and Ellie must stay one step ahead of Braddon’s twisted mind, and Ellie must resist Darren’s Aussie charms to the end. Darren Broderick needs the ransom, Braddon needs a victim. And he will fight to the death to get her back.

The intense, psychological suspense thriller that will hook you from the very first line.

Warning, some mild language occurs in the following chapter.

Chapter 1: Breathe

……A shapeless shadow lunged from the semi-darkness, pitching her to the floor, with its solid weight on top of her, as Ellie pushed open her front door. She squealed as her head smacked against the hall table, with the blood from her split brow spattering across her forehead, her body overpowered by his strength, and her senses overpowered by his vile stench of sweat.

….Ellie screamed and writhed, face down beneath him, as he slammed the door, and forced her face against the cold, hard tiles, tearing her college bag from her shoulder, and snatching her phone from her hand, hurling them across the floor.

…..He pinned her arms behind her back, with her shoulder blades burning, and the ice-cold metal biting into her flesh as the handcuffs snapped shut around her wrists, trapping her stinging, bleeding skin, Ellie kicking and thrashing, her body shaking beneath his weight as he held her down.

…..“Let me go. For Christ’s sake, let me go, you bastard. What are you doing to me?” She curled her hands into fists, yanking her wrists apart, but the handcuffs held firm, with the rough, metal edges cutting into her skin. “Help me, somebody, help me.” The pitch in her voice rose to a scream as fear tightened her throat.

…..He wrenched her onto her back and straddled her, smothering her, with his thumb and finger sealing her nose, and his calloused palm crushing her lips, stifling her harrowing screams. The claustrophobic vacuum constricted her throat as she gasped in vain for air, her back arching, her heels drumming against the floor, and her lungs burning. Somebody help me. Please help me. Oh, God. What’s happening? What’s going on?

…..He tugged a damp, sweet-smelling cloth from his pocket, bunching it in his hand. He let go of her for a second, and in that moment of freedom, Ellie took a deep breath and held it. The cloth came over her face like a crushing mask, Ellie clawing at the shackles beneath her trembling body, with her eyes wide, and her heart palpitating. Oh God, no. No.

…..He pulled her up from the floor, and dragged her backwards through the hallway, with the heels of her boots scuffing the tiles as Ellie squirmed in his vice-like grip, wrenching the handcuffs clamped between her wrists. Don’t breathe, Ellie, don’t breathe.

…..The sweet smell of chloroform fought for supremacy over his body odour, her stomach jolting with every dry retch, and her eyes streaming, Ellie nauseated by the spinning sensation inside her head. Come home, Doug, please. I need you. What’s happening to me?

…..Their reflections edged into the hall mirror, Ellie lurching at the sight of her blue eyes wide open in terror, her pale blonde hair streaked with blood, with her tanned complexion, ghost-like. The bloodstained cloth obscured her face, with her cheeks pushed in by the pressure of his hand as the blood from her split brow trickled over his fingers. Gone – the flirtatious glint in her eye. Missing, the teasing grin she kept for the boys. Her captor’s dark, soulless eyes stared back at her through the mirror, and Ellie’s veins iced up as his lip curled into a snarl.

…..“Breathe in, you bitch.”

…..He shouldered the door open with a thud, the door swinging wide, and then swinging back, hitting her leg before slamming shut, cutting off the haunting image as he dragged her into the kitchen. She felt the cold rush of air from an open door, and her heart jolted at the sound of a car starting up outside, its engine revving, impatient and loud. Her stomach tightened, pulling inwards, and her lungs ached as she choked beneath his hand.

…..“Breathe, you dumb bitch.” He drove his fist into her stomach, Ellie expelling the air with a rush, with an unbelievable hollow pain spearing her gut, her body folding, crumpling, and her head falling forward, inhalation imminent, and inevitable. Oh, God.

…..He dragged her outside, the revving louder now, with the icy wind curling around her, piercing every inch of her wilting body. He tried to lift her as the car door clicked open, and Ellie lifted her head, mustering the last of her strength, with her jaw tight, and her skin clammy.

…..She raised her knee to her chest, then rammed the heel of her boot into his groin, crushing, digging in, with his testicles banging together beneath her foot. He gave an agonised howl, and fell to his knees, his teeth clenched, and his face contorted, with the cloth falling from his grasp.

…..Ellie sprawled onto the frozen ground, gasping, dazed, with her body weak, and breathless. She tore at the handcuffs, clawing at the metal link between them, her nails breaking and bleeding. She had to run, had to escape, but with her hands behind her, and no strength in her legs, she couldn’t even push herself up from the ground. Even as she cried for help, the tightness in her chest strangled her voice, and her words carried no more than a few feet. Oh shit.

…..Ellie raised her head in hope at the sound of running footsteps, and as the man reached her, he slowed to a stop, car keys in hand. He glanced down at her captor kneeling with his forehead against the earth, gripping his crotch, and then he switched his gaze to Ellie, his windswept brown hair falling across his brow, his face familiar, attractive, with the most hypnotic brown eyes.

…..His fingers curled around her shoulder, gripping, tightening, and then he hauled her to her knees, with his fist raised. Ellie gasped, her heart shrinking within her chest as she realised then that he was party to her kidnap. Oh no, please, no.

…..He watched as the tears trickled down Ellie’s bloodied cheeks, and as she begged him to free her, he closed his eyes and hit her. The murderous ache swelled inside her head, the rapid darkening of her vision reducing the man to a silhouette, pitched against the blue-black winter sky, and as the scene faded to black, her heavy eyelids closed, and Ellie slumped against his legs, lying crumpled and vulnerable at his feet.

…..She didn’t feel him lift her, she didn’t feel the cold leather of the rear seat on which he lay her down, nor did she feel the car shake a little as he sat in the driver’s seat, next to her injured captor whose vile threats towards her disappeared into the void. If she’d heard his threats, she would have thrown herself from the car into the path of another.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and I’ll check back here soon!

All the best,

L.J. Kane


Captor Captive is available from Amazon Logo for Websiteas an eBook and a paperback.