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All About Ellie

Introducing Ellie, the kidnap victim who the story follows right through to the end. We have been at her side throughout her ordeal, so here’s a little more about her…

Full Name: Eleanor May Cunningham

Nickname: Ellie

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Salisbury, England, UK

Father: Rob Cunningham. He divorced Ellie’s mother years ago, and he is now living abroad with his new wife, Maria.

Mother: Emma Masterson (deceased). Emma married Ellie’s stepfather in the year following her divorce.

Stepfather: Doug Masterson, an entrepreneur and business tycoon. Doug has tried to help Ellie trace her father, Rob, to no avail. Doug treats Ellie like his own daughter, Charlotte.

Siblings: Ellie has an older stepsister, Charlotte Masterson, who has a young child, James, and a baby called Sebastian (known as Seb).

Appearance: Ellie has bright blue eyes, and pale blonde hair. She loves to maintain her tan, and enjoys having regular pamper sessions at her local beauty salon. Ellie’s quite particular about her appearance, and loves buying new clothes, and following the latest fashions.

Education: Ellie was studying journalism and media at college, and is now considering taking a gap year before starting university.

Work: Ellie works part time as a waitress in a quaint riverside café, and also helps out in a second-hand bookshop in town. She is still undecided about her career path, but feels that she has plenty of time to make up her mind.

Hobbies and Interests: Ellie loves reading thrillers and chick lit. She sings with a local band at weekends (much to her stepfather’s annoyance), plays tennis, and enjoys pony-trekking, and horse-riding with friends.

Friends: Ellie is part of a large group of college and university students who meet up in Ellie’s favourite coffee shop. Her best friend is Kirsty, who robbed Ellie of her boyfriend during their first year of college, and only redeemed herself this year. Kirsty is on borrowed time…

Romances: Ellie has been romantically involved with students of her own age, plus others that she doesn’t want to mention. Ellie is reluctant to share this information with anyone. If you’ve read ‘Captor Captive’, you’ll know why!

Worst Fears: Ellie is terrified of hypodermic needles. Just seeing one freaks her out. Going abroad is a nightmare for Ellie when there’s an inoculation involved.

Pets: Ellie owns a huge ginger cat called Jackson.


Meet Darren Broderick – the Hero or Villain of Captor Captive

Now that we’ve had an insight into Ellie’s life, it’s time to meet Darren Broderick, Jon Braddon’s enigmatic getaway driver of the kidnap thriller ‘Captor Captive’.

Full Name: Darren James Broderick

Age: Late 20’s

Place of Birth: Perth, Western Australia

Father: James Broderick owns a car repair centre in Perth, Australia. He’s slightly dishonest when declaring his income and his favourite saying is, “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” He wanted Darren to take over the business, but Darren took off instead.

Mother: Susan Broderick was a bank clerk until recently, when she was sacked for slipping a bit of cash into her handbag. She is currently in charge of her husband’s business accounts.

Siblings: Darren has an older brother, Jason, and a younger sister, Amanda, who is a model at a small modelling agency in Sydney.

Appearance: Darren is very attractive, with brown, collar-length hair and brown eyes. He is tall and athletic, and likes to work out. He’s often seen wearing his black leather biker jacket, and a pair of blue-black jeans.

Home: Darren resides in a studio apartment in Oxford, England, for now, until he gets kicked out for rent arrears. He has a beer fridge, and a bed, and that’s about it, unless you count his expensive car, and diver’s watch. He’s a regular visitor to the local pawn shop.

Education: Darren attended veterinary college in Western Australia after leaving school, but dropped out of university after the first year. There appeared to be no end to his gap year…

Visa: Darren escaped to Britain with an ancestry visa after getting his best mate’s girlfriend pregnant. His story changes often, but this is the real reason, and don’t let him tell you otherwise!

Work: Darren has had a variety of jobs, both in Australia and in the UK. He drifts from one to another, never settling for long. No one seems able to pin him down.

Hobbies and Interests: Diving, rally driving, motorbikes, playing cricket, and gambling.

Friends: Darren has a group of Aussie mates who are all trying to get back home to Oz for a variety of reasons. His friend, Brett Hayes, is a property developer of undisclosed habits, who is looking to get rich quick before he returns to Australia for good.

Romances: Darren’s lost count of his romantic encounters and tends to brag, so it’s hard to obtain a true figure. Like his jobs, he doesn’t stay for long, and his friends are not expecting him to settle down anytime soon. He’s had his eye on one particular girl, but she’s holding him at bay – and who can blame her?

Worst Fears: None in particular. Darren doesn’t let on that he’s scared of anything!


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